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  Cruise Weddings  


Married on Carnival Spirit 2011 – Wendy and Bill Montebello, Owners of Dream Vacations Montebello and Associates



Some popular cruise wedding options:


  • You can choose to get married out at sea.
  • You might prefer to have your ceremony at one of the cruise’s exciting and romantic destinations. These could range from Caribbean islands to Alaska to the blue waters of the Mediterranean.
  • You could choose to have a ceremony and reception on the ship while it is still docked. That way your friends and families can share the occasion even if they cannot go on the cruise with you.
  • If you prefer, you are free to ask special friends and family member to sail along. They are bound to be pleased by the honor.
  • Enjoy an intimate ceremony for just the two of you, invite a handful of close friends or family members, or bring along a crowd.


The best choice depends upon your own preferences and situation. If you are a couple who already has kids, you might prefer to turn your romantic wedding into a memorable first family vacation and bonding experience. If you don’t already have kids, the whole experience  might be even more memorable if you bring your adult wedding party along when you sail. Sometimes that isn’t possible or preferred, and you are free to relish an adventure that is just for the two of you.


Don’t Worry About A Thing


I am a  Romance Travel Specialist who can help you plan every detail. This is actually one of the most stress-free wedding experiences you can enjoy, and isn’t that the way you want to remember your big day?


Some cruise lines even have wedding gift registries, so you can get your friends and family to help you defray the expense of some extras rather than just buying you the same old china or silverware that you are unlikely or might already have.


Wedding Cruises Can Be An Affordable Choice For Brides, Grooms, and Families


In any case, an intimate wedding and cruise is unlikely to cost more than a formal wedding with dozens of guests that you barely know. It is your wedding day, and you are entitled to spend it on a cruise.


Contact me personally so I can help you plan your Dream Wedding!

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Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Weddings


Carnival is one of the more affordable cruise lines if you need to watch your wedding budget. This line provides a lot of great options that can still include your wedding guests if they choose to sail away with you or not. Consider some of the wedding options that Carnival offers. Some of these options are also offered by other cruise lines.


  • You can choose to have your wedding and reception before you set sail. Your guests will be allowed to board to attend the festivities, and they can disembark before the ship leaves port. Of course, you are free to invite them to cruise with you too.
  • You might also choose to enjoy a wedding at one of the popular cruise destinations. Can you imagine anything more romantic than saying, “I Do!” on a sandy beach with the crystal blue sea in the background?
  • Let your friends and family help you indulge yourself in some of the exciting cruise extras through our innovative cruise wedding gift registry. You might enjoy a land excursion, specialty restaurant, or on-board massage for two.
  • If you’re already married, we can also help you renew your vows. Can you imagine the excitement of enjoy a second wedding in front of your children and grandchildren? Give your entire family the trip of a lifetime while you renew your commitment to your soul mate.


Royal Caribbean Wedding Cruises

Royal Caribbean Weddings


Royal Caribbean offers a selection of wedding options that are similar to the ones that Carnival offers. This line employs special Romance Wedding Specialists that can help you  plan the perfect ship or island wedding, and you can consult with these wedding planners for free.


Disney Wedding Cruises

Disney Cruise Weddings


What girl doesn’t dream of being a Disney bride when she grows up? What’s more romantic than a Disney fairytale wedding? You and your groom are sure to be the prince and princess in any Disney wedding cruise. You also get a personal wedding coordinator and the ability to arrange your wedding on the or on the shores of one of the popular destinations.


With Disney, you can order a wedding package that includes up to eight guests. You also have the option to upgrade for more guests. A Disney cruise might provide the perfect romantic honeymoon for any couple, but it might especially appeal to couples who want to bring kids along to enjoy the experience.


Princess Cruise Line Weddings

Princess Cruise Weddings


Princess’s weddings have been recognized as some of the best experiences. The line’s experienced and professional wedding coordinators can help you plan an intimate celebration for two people or a festive party for dozens of guests. You can choose to be married at sea by the ship’s captain or a destination wedding. Expect every detail to be considered and handled when you book your wedding cruise with Princess.


Norwegian Cruise Line Weddings

Norwegian Cruise Weddings


NCL offers a lot of different cruise destination choices, so you are bound to find your perfect wedding adventure. You can choose between the Caribbean, Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, or the Mediterranean Sea. The services are more geared towards a wedding-for-two that is performed at sea, and if this is what you want, Norwegian’s wedding planners can make it perfect for you.


Holland America Cruise Line Weddings

Holland America Weddings


Royal Ocean Events is proud to be the exclusive wedding planning company for Holland America Line, offering three wonderful wedding packages, ensuring that your wedding is exactly the way you want it to be. Your Royal Ocean Events wedding coordinator will handle the many details that go into a flawless wedding during the months before your departure. If you’re planning a shipboard Symbolic At Sea wedding, your ship’s wedding coordinator will take over when you come aboard and will execute every detail of your plan perfectly. If you choose a destination Anchors Away or Ashore wedding, a Royal Ocean Events wedding coordinator will be on hand to see that your big day is everything you’ve ever hoped it would be. No matter what your preference, our wedding cruise coordinator is ready to help you tailor a wedding package to meet your needs and help you and your loved ones have the ultimate onboard experience.





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